There's a range of exciting tools available to make building websites more enjoyable and efficient. But they can be challenging to set up. Cactus integrates these, so you can build better websites, faster.

Start in seconds

Cactus makes setting up a website look easy. Choose a template for a blog, portfolio or single page and Cactus generates all files and folders to get you on your way.

Focus on editing

Under the hood, Cactus runs a small local web server for each website you're working on. This makes it possible to build your website locally, using modern web technologies, and have the results generated to a collection of flat files.

When you edit your website in your favorite text-editor, Cactus makes sure things just work. SASS, SCSS and CoffeeScript are supported out of the box. As well as a powerful, Django based, template engine.

  • Local Webserver
  • Template Engine
  • CSS Preprocessors
  • Coffeescript
  • Markdown Syntax
  • Boilerplate Files

Live preview anywhere

Cactus monitors all changes you make to your files and automatically refreshes your browser. Preview your project on mobile devices, and they'll instantly refresh too.

Deploy with confidence

Cactus uses Amazon S3 for fast, reliable and inexpensive hosting, so you can get your projects on the web faster.

Only changes to your documents are re-deployed, allowing for rapid iteration. During development, deploy an Amazon bucket to share and gather feedback. When you enter your own domain, Cactus will provide you with nameservers.

  • S3 Configuration
  • GZIP Compression
  • Fingerprinting
  • Plugin System
  • Folder Export
  • Open Source
  • Cactus is a simple, powerful tool to create beautiful websites. The AWS integration makes it very easy to deploy your sites.

    Werner Vogels CTO at Amazon
  • Cactus makes casual developers look like experienced engineers. Smart idea with flawless execution.

    Benjamin De Cock Designer at Stripe
  • If you’re comfortable with HTML and CSS, Cactus is one of the easiest ways to put together and publish a site.

    Maykel Loomans Designer at Instagram
  • Cactus handles all the annoying stuff about publishing websites, but doesn't force me to adapt to someone else's workflow.

    Wilson Miner Designer at The Factory
  • Cactus has just the right balance of features, technology and control to make managing sites simple and easy.

    Tom Watson Designer at Pinterest
  • Cactus is the most delightful way to start and deploy a new website without needing to learn a new framework or workflow.

    Adam Michela Designer at Last Guide
  • We hope you’ll enjoy Cactus.

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